Please note that any information provided on this page is usually hearsay and therefore not all can be guaranteed to be accurate. I will do my best to keep it as close to the facts as possible.

21st February  2005

Standlakes annual 3 Litre sponsored meeting takes place this weekend and will as evr attract some top names and Tin. 33 Simon Reed should make the trip down again with a Jag and will be sure to bring some support with him including 186 Mick Gedney. Rumours also persist of a Stinkbridge invasion which if it were to happen would certainly liven up the day. One team that should be present will be the Ringwood Bruisers as 732 Mat small returns his HMC 300C along with fellow team mates. Bristol should also be well represented with the Quality assured boys planning to make the trip. This is a meeting that always attracts some good material and while im sure Keith will himself have something a little special 130 Jason Harrison has promised something a little special for the overs while 313 Mayhem will almost certainly be A60 mounted in the unders. The 3 Litre name always attracts a good field and usualy brings in a few Spedeworth names.

28th December  2004

Standlakes HMC is now less than one week away. Standlakes biggest meeting of the year has in the past produced 200+ car turn outs and the booking in list already stands at some 185+ cars.  With there being no need to book additional entries are always present in abundence on the day and many drivers are known to be attending but do not at this time appear on the booking list. These include 303 Brain Cope (Chevy Ambulance), returning unders champion 186 Mick Gedney, and 33 Simon Reed (Jag). The full booking in list can be found here.

15th November  2004

Congratulations to 46 Maverick on taking a well deserved and overdue win in the World Final yesterday. With 45 on the grid at the start of the race and only 5 finishing in total it was a very lively race with plenty of action. The result could not have been better for Maverick with running mate 244 Baby Bunny taking the second place. Congratulations also go to 670 Tricky and 264 Welland on their 3rd and 4th places.


16th August 2004

Firstly let me apologise for the delay in the updates on the site recently. The long gap since the last update is due to me having been away on Holiday and working more over the last couple of weeks. Normal updates should now resume.

This Wednesday sees the under 1650cc Pre 70 at Eastbourne. A60 specialist Mayhem will be attending along side many of the Spedeworth regulars and Bears duo of 421 Nutty Nige and 422 Nico. Roumers also persist of an invasion of the PRI Essex Boys team.

This Sunday is the TSR World final at Kings Lynn which once again sees invites to all of the non BBA tracks which will help to swell the numbers. Action will be on the cards through out the day and will no doubt be boosted by the ongoing battle between Shane Davis and Carl Overy. A Full booking in list of the qualifiers can be found here:

The Westworld Blockbuster is now less than 2 weeks away. The booking list now sits at over 170 with more bookings still arriving. For a full drivers list and more details check out The Track Tramp site by clicking here.


7th June 2004

This Sunday sees Standlake host its Summer Open. Despite clashing with the Hednesford National Teams (which will no doubt keep a few Loacals and Visitors away from the lake) a good entry is expected. As ever this meeting should attract a variety of visiting drivers with the likes of Spedeworths Colin Farley and Autospeeds Brian Webb due to attend. As ever with the lake Tin will be present. Top local wrecker Jon Bricknell hopes to be at the wheel of a DS420 limo while team mate 536 Kev Hardie may also be in something streched. The overs should also see 541 Nick Cross at the wheel of a Vintage Hearse while running mates 08 Hayden Carter and Basher bates hope to be Mk1 Granny and 4R mounted respectively. Liam Finlay is also trying to get a P5 finished for the occasion. The overs wont though be the only area that the tin can be found as Mick Cotton is due to race his 250th A60 which is certainly an impressive feat. More news to follow as I hear it.

25th May 2004

Saturday night saw the 20 on 20 between TSR and Standlake at Kings Lynn. with the locals fielding a full team while the visitors were 2 cars short. The result was a thrashing for the locals at the Standlake drives took the main honors in all 3 races. The action was a little on the thin side in general but the DD was a lively event. Photos and the Steamers report to follow later this week.

This Saturday night sees the annual Pre 70 bash at Mildenhall. This meeting always brings out the rare cars and this year looks to be no exception. A full booking in list can be seen on Welbent, click here.

This Sunday also sees another now well established annual meeting. Smeatharpes Craherama VI now has a booking list of around 55 cars and is increasing every day. The small track always provides loads of action and with a strong Bears team in attendance the racing should be lively. Keep an eye on Well Bent for further details.

7th April 2004

A little more news on the Standlake team meeting has reached me today. It looks as though Local mag  'Havoc' will have two teams under its banner (which should feature standlakes first Primera) and although im sure Billo would love to see one of his own teams win his money is on the Devils to take the title home.  Mr Ass and Mong will have a home grown team (including the return of Tyco Ass's brother) and Mong will be sierra mounted - watch out all you Cortinas! Rumours also persist of a few away teams including some from the now closed Paices Hill and all visitors will im sure be trying to stop the locals, and in particular the current title holders 'The dream team'.

6th April 2004

The Booking in list for Westworlds Boneshaker this Sunday is now available (click Here) and has now reached a superb 141 cars!! With a good sprinkling of material in the list this meeting is looking to be well worth the long trip down south! Lets just hope for some good weather!!

The Day after the Boneshaker Standlake holds its annual team bash. The format is under 2 Litre (Voles and Granadas allowed). Lat years meeting was a superb meeting and this years is shaping up to be just as good. With a few visiting teams heading to the lake to mix it with the locals and Keith Reynolds once again providing a strong 3 Litre team (or maybe 2) the action should be good.

3rd April 2004

Ringwood held its 5000 open on Saturday night and attracted approximately 80 cars. Top Tin was in the hands of 187 Wayne Bessant (Armstrong Siddeley) and 368 Spudgun (P5). There were also four Mk1 Granadas in the hands of 4 Dave Wild, 199 Jamie Wyatt, 13 Ben Wyatt and 186 Mike Pullen, the latter two Coupes. Standkae was well represented with Paul and Lee Gumm, Chris Snell, and John Bricknell all producing smart cars. I must apologies for the low number of pictures but the meeting was plagued by heavy rain and as a result I left before the Final.

Mildenhall holds its 1400cc Suffolk Open team meeting on Good Friday and have a full 28 teams booked in. This should mean a 168 car turnout and with 42 cars per race this should be a very lively session and the small shale Track. Start time is 2pm and will be well worth the visit. Check out for more information.

Those looking to travel over the Easter weekend may also want to make the long trip down to Westworld for the annual staging of the Boneshaker. The booking in list had already passed the 130 car mark at the time of writing this. The 1800cc limit should lead to a good sprinkling of Material. 313 Mick Cotton will be A60 Powered and Spudgun should also be in a classic. More news to follow as I hear it.


8th March 2004

Ringwood held the Scott Baggott memorial yesterday (March 7th) which attracted some 80+ cars with material and smart paintwork in abundance. With the drivers having made such an effort it was a shame that the promotion didn't do the same with the meeting suffering from poor organisation, slow track clearence and a very poor race format (again!!). 706 took the final win as almost the last car running. The DD had to be canceled due to time constraint after a lenghly stoppage when 22 'Mr Banger' had to be cut from his car with back injuries. We wish him all the best an a speedy recovery. A full report will follow later this week courtesy of the Steamer.

Standlake once again holds its 3 Lire Sponsored meeting this Sunday (March 14th) and there seems to be plenty of interest. Keith Reynolds is bound to be in something unusual and 303 Dangerous Brian should be racing the Caddy ambulance that never made the HMC. A60 specialist Mick Cotton will as ever be A60 mounted while Mark 'Spudgun' Annetts may well be in a rather larger Farina. Standlakes Very own material men Nick cross and Basher bates have promised to impress with Nick keeping his battle wagon tightly under wraps. Basher bates should be Yank mounted and may well be looking for payback on Mr Ass who will hopefully be in a Mk4 Zeypher. Rumours  are also circulating that we may well see a return visit from HMC winner Mick Gedney and fellow East Anglian 33 Simon 'The Legend' Reed. With a good away driver turnout expect including several Paices hill drivers, and names such as the Dodge family it appears to be shaping up to be a superb meeting.


30th December 2003

Well the Standlake Heavy Metal Classic is now only a few days away, and with almost 200 cars already booked it looks as though it will be a cracker. As most will know the booking in list is not always a true guide to the racers on the day as many will turn up un announced. On those lines there may well be some additional unlimited cars from the Smallfield area and hopefully the Dodge boys will be a late booking. I will keep the below list updated daily but im sure Sunday will reveal all.

                                                            Drivers Booked for the HMC

8th December 2003

Coventrys First Unlimited Banger meeting in over 25 Years took place on Saturday night and was a huge suscess. Star of the nigh was 521 Ashley Riley although special menton must go to Standlakes very own 2 John Bricknell who got stuck in with the bears and worked hard to get his car back out after the Ash Riley Treatment. The Standlake Young Gun impressed all and certainly looks to be, in the words of the Michael Coventry "One of the rising stars of the future"



17th November 2003

First and foremost congratulations go to 22 Dave Vincent who lifted the Spedeworth world Final title yesterday. Dave took the win in one of the liveliest title races for many years.


For those who were at the meeting and saw Keith Reynolds fire and Psychos huge wreck I am pleased to announce that both drivers are ok all be it a little shaken.

Birminghams Annual children in need meeting took place last Friday and despite the terrible weather earlier in the day the night was good and 99% rainless. The meeting had some good action and a special mention goes to all the visitors who made the long jouney on a week night. Of those Visitors there were 5 from standlake plus others from as far a field as Crewe.


13th October 2003

Bristol Held its West Of England championship on October 12th which saw an invasion of 9 Brighton Bears amongst the 50 or so cars. The action stared well in the heats and consolation thanks to the Smallfield Visitors. Standlakes 106 Paul Gumm getting well involved and taking 3rd in the first race. The final was a poor event with only the 10 qualifiers aloud on track (despite many of the drivers being told by Marshals they would be aloud out as non qualifiers). The win went the way of 300 Jon Ayles who was in all honesty the only man to make contact during the whole race. The DD started with a figure of 8 race which was again a total contact free event. The DD started badly as many cars failed to get off the centre. Those who did found it to be a bears vurses the locals. The DD was stopped to rescue 58 Dalton but im please to report neither he nor his car were harmed!!! Nico took the win by finishing his team mate 41 Prentecost. All in all a meeting that started well but was in the end let down by the format and would have been a total non event without the visiting bears. The steamers report will follow soon.

29th September 2003

Congratulations go to Standlakes 106 Paul Gumm who along with brother 104 Lee Gumm and 313 Mick Cotton Represented Standlake at Bristols Nigel Cook Memorial on Sunday. All put on a good show with Paul Gumm taking the Win in The Final. Congratulations!


9th September 2003

The Next Standlake meeting on September 21 sees the return of the Unlimited bangers after an absence of over 2 Months. Rumours suggest a good turn out with special motor promised from 260 Keith Reynolds and the Dodge Boys. Spud Gun and Shaggy may also return there Westworld 4R and P5 respectively. Other drivers have also informed us that they too will be bring their leftover Blockbuster cars. 541 Mick Cross and 719 basher Bates should be Rover mounted and as ever Mick mayhem Cotton will be racing an A60 in the unders. I will keep you updated as I get more information and conformation. 

26th August 2003

Not so much news as a Big thankyou to all those who helped me with my Banger for Standlakes Micro meeting Yesterday. So thanks to Brie Boy, Ass Mong Phil and Lil Mark for all there help.

18th August 2003

As many of you will have noticed there are no photos from the Rinwood\Spedeworth 30 on 30 as promised. This is because Ringwood were unable to pull together a full team and the meeting was called off.

Congratulations go to 617 Carl Overy who took the win at the Trackstar world final on Sunday ahead of two of his fellow team mates. A full report will follow later this week courtesy of the Steamer.

Blockbuster V takes place this Sunday with a considerable number of Standlake driver booked in. The booking list is now totally full and a good day is expected with loads of crashing as well as material by the lorry load. Standlake drivers and Standlake Regulars include: 244 Michael Bunyan (XJ), 654 Gavage (Daimler Majestic), 177 Matthew Whithead, 700 Jason Emery, 133 Carl Day, 137 Paul Tagg (Daimler Conquest), 197 Peter Dodge (280C), 584 Mark 'Sharky' Harding and 737 Ian Crandon.

8th August 2003

Over the next month or so there will considerable numbers of Standlake drivers in action across the country. With several of our drivers heading to the Trackstar world final (54 Winnie and 2 John Bricknell to be in the main race its self). Several others will also be heading down top Cornwall for the Blockbuster, and if rumours are true then they will be in some very impressive machinery.

The Bank holiday Monday also sees the running of the first Micro banger meeting at Standlake with a very good turnout expected. Many drivers will be looking for something a little special for the event, and some rare tin is expected. Over the last couple of meetings many of you have asked if I will be racing and the answer is YES. I will be out racing so there may not be many photos available from the meeting (well from the first race anyway!). I will try to get another photographer to cover the meeting so that I can supply you with any pictures that you want, although I think if Winnie and Co. have their way I will be out on the center before too long!!!

14th July 2003

I, and the rest of Standlake arena, would like to pass my thanks on to Mickey dent for his superb organisation at the SAA team meeting this Sunday. Without Mickeys efforts the meeting would not have run half as well as it did. I know that all of the 24 Standlake drivers enjoyed their day and were made to feel welcome by the locals. a big thank you must also go to Havoc Mags Billo for his superb organisation from the Standlake end. Also well done to Craig Boyle for winning the entertainer of the meeting award which he so truly deserved. Billos report will follow in the next couple of days.

30th June 2003

July the 13th will see a raid by Standlake Drivers on the SAA under 2 litre team meeting. The 6 a side team bash will see a 4 team invasion from Standlake thanks to some superb organisation from Billo (editor of Havoc magazine). Roumers are also circulating of teams going down from Paices Hill Ringwood and even the Motley Crew, although I am unable to confirm these at the present time. Keep an eye out for future updates.

I would like to give a special mention to driver 202 Matt West who raced for the first time at Standlake on Sunday and raised a large sum of money for St Richards Hospice (for cancer patients) and got well wrecked in the process! Hope to see you out again and well done from all of us at Standlake.


9th June 2003

Standlakes 500 open took place yesterday and attracted some superb cars and a good deal of action in the overs, thanks mainly to the visiting drivers from the teams of Real Steel, Hitmen, and the Motley Crew (and of course Keith Reynolds). In respect to this meeting I and others would like to use this page to thank Alan Winnie Cartwright for his quick actions in helping the unconscious Mick Cotton who was knocked out in the unders DD. Winnie found Mick Cotton unconscious in his car and called a stop to the race. On waking Mick he was asked "where am I" to which Winnie replied "your upside down in a A60 as normal" to which Mick was heard to comment "thats odd I could of sworn I was in a mates Kitchen in the early 70's!!!" The overs DD produced a massive hit from 587 Carter as he destroyed the Mk2 of 11 Kevin Major. The only down side to the meeting being the after the race agro in the unders especially from those who just cant take the hits (they know who they are!).  A full report  will follow later in the week

Standlake will also have two teams racing for them at the Hednesford national team championship on Sunday. I would like to wish them all the best and I am sure they will entertain if they cant win!!

18th May 2003

Standlakes Mr Bean Memorial took place today and drew a respectable 80 or so cars. With approximately 35 cars in the under the action was reasonable with 313 Mayhems Riley 4\72 and 691 Mr Shifters Cambridge Estate being the top cars. The overs was better supported with 45ish cars including a MK2 limo from Darren Mabbit, 3 P5's, a VP 3 Litre  from Nick Cross, a Mercury Marquis from Roy Grant, and we believe the first ever MK3 Granada Minster from 54 Winnie. The action in the overs was poor and the final was a complete non contact affair for the main part. Winnie took the win with Bulley second (neither having even a scratch on their bonnets!!) The DD's were better action wise, but as has now become the norm they were won by those who chose to park in the center or drive round everything until only a few cars remained. All in all not a good meeting which promised so much and produced so little. A fully report from Havoc's Billo to follow soon.

07th May 2003

The Mr Bean Memorial at Standlake is now only 10 days away and despite being on the same day as the Polo Memorial at Arena Essex a good turn out is expected. A few classic cars have been promised with 2 John Bricknell, 541 Nick Cross and 719 Basher Bates all promising some top material. There will be several visitors in attendance and possibly a few surprise names in the camp. Numbvers should be high even with many of the regulars heading to race or watch at Arena Essex. Don't miss this top meeting!!
Nudge & Spin - SAA - Another superb show at Horndean with Standlake fielding a full team of 12, SAA 12 cars, Worthing & Tongham 9 or 10 each. Brilliant atmosphere & team spirit with Winnie in the pits organising. Hard work in the first couple of heats but once they had sussed the track the lads really came in hard later on. Only lost 1 car through the day - 2 Jon blew his cluth to bits in his first race so the star of the first round was unlucky. 40 odd cars so 6 cars from each team giving 24 cars in each race.
Heat 1:
1st W29, 2nd S333, 3rd X112 Rusty, 4th S135, 5th S142, 6th T79 - finished race for 2 points each (in no particular order) S159, S282, X383, X392, S747, W902, X77, T89, X110, W117
Heat 2:
1st S193, 2nd T20, 3rd T79, 4th S100, 5th T24, 6th T134 - finished race W781, X560, W218, X106, X105
Points after 1 race each - Standlake 22, Worthing 18, SAA 45, Tongham 35
Heat 3
1st X274 Jonathan, 2nd W29, 3rd T24, 4th T79, 5th S193, 6th X77 Mat - finished race W920, W902, W218, W38, T20, S333, S135, X537, T80, X560, X112
Heat 4
1st X104 Lee, 2nd X112 Rusty, 3rd S100, 4th W902, 5th T24, 6th W78 finished race X105, T34
Points after 2nd heats - Standlake 64, Worthing 47, SAA 63, Tongham 62
1st X537 Mitch, 2nd X112 Rusty, 3rd W29, 4th W781, 5th S100, 6th T24 - finished race X104, W920, T7
Final points on the day - Standlake 85, Worthing 64, SAA 69, Tongham 69
Ran out of time so the DD was out with the Metro Bangers, Jonathan Adams & Rusty both did well but it was the Metros that lasted to take the win.
Another brilliant day - Roll on Tongham.
Aggregate points after 2 rounds - Standlake 163, Tongham 116, Worthing 104, SAA 81


22nd April 2003

Easter weekend is a notoriously busy time for Bangers with almost all tracks running on one day or more. Despite this good turnouts were seen at Westworld (80+ cars) and Standlake (64 Cars) for what were some action packed meetings. Reports on both will follow later this week but Pictures are now up in the 2003 galleries. A special mention must go to Yoyo Man, Sharky and Carl Day who raced at both meetings despite the huge distances between the venues (some 250 miles).

14th April 2003

Standlakes Meeting Yesterday attracted just over 60 cars with material featuring in both classes. A report on the meeting will follow soon while pictures from the meeting are already on the 2003 photo page.

The Standlake 4 car team meeting takes place on Easter Monday and a good field is expected with away teams already contacting the Hooks about the meeting.

8th April 2003

The first SEGTO round took place at Worthing took place on Sunday (April 6th) at Worthing and for the first time featured a 12 a side team Challenge for the non SEGTO nudge and spin class. Standlake team was 11 strong and featured Winnie (Captain), Mad Mitch, Darren Goves, Shaun Russel, YoYo man, Jonathan Adams, Johnathan Bricknell, Lee and Paul Gumm and Keith and Gary Reynolds. The team was Victorious over all taking the top 3 places in the the First Race as Mitch took the win blowing his engine in the process. Top points scorer on the day for Standlake was 2 John Bricknell who also took second place in the final, and was Truly Devastating in the final rolling a Worthing car a good 15 feet in the air!!! The overall result was a superb win for the Standlake boys with only Worthing and Tongham giving the boys a run for their money. The next round is at SAA and should see another strong Standlake side.

Standlake next meeting is now less than a week away and looks to feature some more top tin from the material men. A60 specialist Mick 'Mayhem' Cotton will be attending in the under 1800cc class while Standlake very own material Boys Basher Bates and Nick Cross promise more rated and vintage tin in the overs.

24th February 2003

Standlake first meeting of the season produced near to a 100 car turn out including some superb material (Report to follow in the next couple of days). On the car front Nick Cross returned his HMC Westy while team mate 719 Basher bates has a solid Merc Limo and Keith Reynolds a superb MK2 Granada Hearse with Mick Cotton in a customary A60. Numbers were boosted by a PRI invasion in the overs and a Demons invasion in the unders.

With the 3 Litre meeting now only a few days away the material is looking to be as good as ever. Many drivers including the Reynolds brothers keeping their cars under wraps but the unders will see a bubble oxford from 102 Mr Fudge and an A60 from Mick Cotton. The overs will also see some ratted motors with 54 Winnie promising an FX4 Taxi and Running mates 541 Nick Cross and 719 Basher Bates in a Yank and A135 Princess Limo respectively. Also expect a heavy Speedworth invasion as well as several other visitors.

I would also like to wish Mark 'Sharky' Harding all the best after Sundays meeting. The Hitman star sadly suffered what appeared to be a broken bone in his wrist during the overs final. Everyone at Standlake wishes him a swift recovery and we look forward to seeing him in action again soon. 

8th February 2003

The Standlake season seems to be shaping up well with several top drivers planning to pay the track a visit early in the year. Also Standlakes Registration day is tomorrow so get yourselves down there and save yourself the hassle of the paper work at the first meeting. I will be trying out my new camera on the New Junior cars which will be allowed to practice so look out for those pictures on the net in the next few days.

28th January 2003

Many of you may well be aware that I was not acting as the official track photographer last year at Standlake Arena. I am pleased to inform you all that I will once again be taking up the position as the official photographer in 2003. Both banger and non contact photos will be available in race control at 1 each. I apologise for the slight increase in price but it is necessary for me to cover my costs and continue to offer the service. If you have any requests then please let me know.

The Icebreaker is all get to go this weekend and has a very impressive line up of both drivers and cars. 

24th January 2003

The Booking in list for Icebreaker X is looking Good with around 185 Drivers booked in and some superb cars promised, including a Daimler Majestic Hearse, a P5 from Ashley Riley and in excess of 10 Yanks. The booking list also includes a good sprinkling of Continental drivers. Lets hope its a good one. Its a 12.00 start so get there early! More information on Trackstars Home Page.

Standlakes first meeting of the Season is looking as though it will be well supported with the usual sprinkling of material. Last season was one of the best in the country for domestic turnouts, lets hope 2003 can keep up the trend! Also the rumours are that the Material list for the 3 Litre meeting on the 2nd of March is looking very impressive! Watch this space for further information.